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our story

Kelly + Carolina are best friends. Carolina + Vas are married.

(Which is how we met, a good number of years ago.)  


We are all creatives from different walks of life, sharing the same vision - to create a space for artists of all disciplines to come together and nurture their talents.


Kelly is from Vietnam, Vas from Romania, + Carolina the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants.

Vas and Carolina are multidisciplinary artists based in Brooklyn. Kelly, is a floral designer based in Lower East Side. Recently, they stumbled upon this sun-soaked gem, renovated it themselves and called it their own Mai House Studio. 


Mai is Kelly’s mother’s name + coincidentally the Romanian word for May, Vas + Carolina’s birth month. 


Whether you're a painter, photographer, musician, actor or dancer, this space welcomes all artists who want to expand their vision and push boundaries. Our ultimate goal is to create a community space where artists can feel at home, thrive + showcase their talent to the public.


Whether you need space for a pop-up for the new loofah you designed, a soirée of poetry reading, workshop, karaoke with friends, film screening party, private dinner, lessons of any kind, sound bath, yoga lesson, you will always be welcome at Mai House.

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